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You’re a Social Entrepreneur. You see your business as a vehicle for positive societal impact (as well as $$$).



And you feel that..to the point of knowing.  But you don’t quite know how to deal with it – and that doesn’t feel good.

But, you accept that as just part of the added risk of being a Social Entrepreneur.

Makes sense.. Doesn’t It?

No. It does not.

Maybe you don’t have a lawyer, and when you connect with one, you wanna make sure that they  get the whole purpose, people, profit  infused into business thing..and that your legal dollars are used wisely.


Maybe you do have a lawyer, but sometimes there’s a rub ‘cause you feel they might not totally get the who Social Entrepreneur thing and you don’t know how to quickly get them to give it the attention it deserves.

What you wish you had was the ability to:

  • Save a lot of $$$ on legal investment with your legal service provider.
  • Spot and handle business purpose impact issues before they have a chance to send your business mission sideways.
  • Use the legal tools and products that you already have to sustain your purpose-oriented business through its inevitable ups and downs.
  • Collaborate and increase productivity with a lawyer who is aligned with your purpose-oriented business and get effective business results.
  • Save time and have an easier experience when connecting with your lawyer about purpose-oriented business legal issues.
  • Ensure legal advice and legal opinions related to your business don’t neglect its impact purpose.
  • Make the legal spend for your purpose-oriented business an investment rather than an expense.
  • Assess the value that your purpose-oriented business gets from the legal support you choose.
  • Increase clarity and collaboration over how legal issues connected to your business purpose are handled.


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No UH-OH is a digital companion tool to empower your Purpose-Oriented Business to get the legal TLC it deserves so that when you connect with a lawyer, you can ensure your business impact purpose is always relevant and secured.

How It Works:

  • 9 Modules of Easy-to-process No UH-OH Audio & Easy-to-Use PDF Cheat-sheet content
  • Audio Content in bite-sizes of under 7 mins each.
  • Fill-in-the-blank PDF Cheat-Sheets.
  • PDF Journal for Dated Record-keeping and Storage
  • Lifetime Access & Use
  • Discounted pricing on all Legal SelfieSnap products that bring visualization to your Purpose-oriented business from a legal perspective.
  • Free Content Updates
  • Bonus: Lawligned Strategic Legal Service Design Questionnaire
  • Email Support.

What’s in It (Easy To Process Guidance):

Why Legal is always an issue even when there isn’t a Problem

Agreements Contracts as Purpose-Oriented Tools

Designing Protection for Your Business Purpose

Legal Advice and Support Guidelines

Making Legal Tangible

Being the primary Agent of your Business Purpose

Secure the Value of Legal Spend

Purpose-Oriented Issue Spotting

Getting Strategic Long-term Support

“I am the founder of Heliotrope, an early stage  social enterprise. We market an innovative group learning game called Prelude.  Like many informal start ups, a number of legal items were left unaddressed given limited resources. Eventually my core partners and I had to put the  enterprise in order. However there were complications and unexpected costs. The first lawyer we used was also not a good fit. We had to find a new lawyer more sensitive to the nature of social enterprise. It was suggested by advisors to consider the Positive Impact Law Group. Natalie McFarlane and her team have been exceptionally responsive! They were able to rebuild essential files and bring the company up to date.  Finally Positive Impact Law Group has a business model that helps keep legal costs very reasonable.”

– Dr. Howard Esbin

My name is Natalie Mc Farlane and I am a social entrepreneur in the professional form of a lawyer (since 2005 ouch! I know.. 🙂  I am the founder of Positive Impact Law Group, which was initially operating as a boutique law firm social entrepreneurs operating within for-profit business models.  Positive Impact Law Group became a founding Canadian Certified B Corp in 2011.  Since its inception,  I have been innovating my way to bridge the painful  gaps between the traditional approach to legal services and how us Socially Conscious Entrepreneurs approach business.  I embarked on my legal technology journey in 2012 first by  founding agileagree.com, and I continue to develop purpose-oriented legal solutions that make legal support more cost-effective, useful and meaningful because, I know from experience that, the social entrepreneurial mindset is a powerful lens when applied to business.  Positive Impact Law Group has been identified among 150 legal startups to watch and I have been identified by the Canadian Bar Association as a legal innovator as part of their Do Law Differently initiative.  No UH-OH is a cost-effective, useful and meaningful legal management companion tool that social entrepreneurs need because law is too important to be avoided.

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